• How do we get to the beaches ?
    With a bicycle if you are very tough, otherwise with the own car.
  • What do we have to pay for a deckchair and sunshade at the licensed beaches
    From € 10.00 to € 15.00 incl. WC and shower.
  • What do we pay for a fine meal / pizza / espresso?
    In a good regular workers restaurant (our favorite nearby) approx. € 13.00 with 2 courses incl. beverages /
    for a 1st class pizza € 6.00 to € 8.00 / 80 Cent to € 1.20 for the espresso!
  • What is with daytrips to be reached ?
     Rome (best by bus), Assisi, Perugia, Spoleto, Lago di Trasimeno, Arezzo, L’Aquila, Isole Tremiti, Civitella del Tronto, Lago di Campotosto, Ascoli Piceno, the nature reserves in Abruzzo, as well as the Monti Sibillini.
  • Is a trip to the shoe factory outlets worthwile?
    Yeah! At -30%to -50% reduction !
  • What about the highway fees?
    When entering a toll highway you have to pass a barrier (mostly).
    There you take from the slot machine a ticket which you have to keep carefully until you reach your exit.
    There you should join into an exit lane, which is not exclusively dedicated for “Telepass” owners.
    There you hand over your ticket to the cashier and pay the indicated amount cash or feed the ticket to the automatic sytem,  paying the amount with  a “Viacard” (from travell agencies or motorway restaurants in Italy), coins/banknotes or credit card. The “Viacard” is very practical.!
  • Where do I get a car to rent?
    At the airports at Ancona and Pescara, as well as in the larger cities, i.e.. in San Benebetto del Tronto.
    You have to show: ID card, driving licence
    and credit card!
  • What can we do outside the bathing season?
    Apart from the mentioned day trips, you may hiking and/or paragliding in the Monti Sibillini, participate in grape harvest in October, olives harvest in November, truffle and mushroom gathering in the back area, go for skiing from December to February in the Monti Sibillini or Gran Sasso area.
  • What can we do during the bathing season in addition ?
    Windsurfing, glidesurfing, hiring a sailing or motor boat in San Benedetto del Tronto,
    Tennis in Grottammare and Cupra Marittima.
  • Do we need to carry along much cash?
    Not neccessarily. Credit cards are accepted nearly everywhere. Use of EC- banking cards is rarely possible!
  • What can we do during foul weather?
    Visit the worlds largest mussel shell museum in Cupra Marittima, the factory outlets of Prada, Tod`s and Hogan, or lie down with a fine bottle of Vino “Rosso Piceno Superiore” from the Cantina nearby!
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